Mana Healing Sessions

(hypnotherapy + distance Reiki)

Join Britt Yap virtually on Zoom for a session of healing, releasing, grounding and relaxation.

Britts will send an email a few hours before the event with the zoom link and instructions.

About these Events

Britt Yap is a Reiki Master Teacher, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Life and Spiritual Coach. She is the owner of Holomua Healing Arts, LLC.

Britt is offering HEALING FOR ALL during this 75-minute online session. There is a limited amount of spots available. Registration closes 24 hours prior to the event. She will send out instructions to registrants the evening prior. There are no pre-requisites for this session. Just come with an open mind and open heart.

What you’ll need:

  • Headphones / Airpods will help enhance the experience. But it’s OK if you don’t have them.
  • Your computer or phone and access to Wifi.
  • A nice flat surface (ground or bed) or something like an antigravity chair to lay down on during the session
  • A quiet space that you will not be interrupted (this is important for hypnosis to work the best)


By participating in the session, you understand that Holomua Healing Arts, LLC (Brittany Yap) is not a medical or physiological professional. She is not a substitute for psychotherapy or medical practice. If a situation arises where medical or psychological intervention is needed, Holomua Healing Arts, LLC (Brittany Yap) is ethically and legally bound to refer the client to a mental health or medical professional. You also understand that Holomua Healing Arts, LLC (Brittany Yap) does not guarantee any outcome in these sessions. However, the more open and receptive you can be to the healing and hypnosis, the better. You also understand that with healing sometimes comes a “healing crisis”. If this does occur after the session, you will contact Holomua Healing Arts, LLC (Brittany Yap) so she can further instruct you on how to move through the purging process your body is going through in order to heal.