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No matter where you are in your life right now, I can almost guarantee there is room to shift forward and make a change that will have an impact on your emotional, physical, professional or spiritual state.

In Shift On: Twenty Stories of Turning Trials into Triumph, entrepreneurs, executives, writers, and educators discuss events that led them to take another direction in life. They also present tangible solutions to overcoming challenges that may have threatened to derail their success.

If you’re keeping on your game face and pushing through divorce, bankruptcy, low-self esteem, job dissatisfaction, health challenges or mental/physical abuse, there’s a chapter in Shift On that will inspire you to take look at your situation through another perspective.

As a lifetime student of successful people, I’ve read and tested hundreds of the best books and articles on the subject of high achievement in all areas of life. I assembled a group of very accomplished women who have each taken a different road on their journey to success and have come back stronger, more prosperous, more prepared mentally and spiritually than they had before something called for them to shift their way of thinking, living, loving, or working.

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